Exploring the Famous West Lake in Hangzhou

Authored By:

Huichen Yu

First, we took a bus to the Six Harmonies Pagoda Park. This Pagoda has existed for a very long time, since the 12th century, which makes it a good stop for CIEE Shanghai!

We toured the surrounding area of the Pagoda, learning a little bit about the history of the area. We found a bell, which you could ring. This became a popular spot for everyone, and became a loud one as well!

The Pagoda itself has 7 stories, 60 meters total, making it quite a feat to reach the top. The stairs were very steep - very tiring to climb fully! At the top, the view of Hangzhou was very pretty. A very good start to Hangzhou for CIEE Shanghai!

-Recorded by Ryan Noyes  from Liverpool, New York Liverpool High School

Today we went to Hefang Street with our program. This street is known for its wide variety of street vendors and stores. When first arriving there we were greeted by its unique style and charm. We proceeded to roam the streets of Hefang street and explore our new surroundings. One food in particular that grabbed my attention was the grilled squid that street vendors were selling. Nothing like that can be found back in the states which were quite interesting, and it was really good. The thing that really sealed the deal was when the sunset and all of the lights along the street lit up. It was beautiful, with the busy street below with all of its sparkling lights and the peaceful quiet night sky above. It was a spectacular experience that I will surely not forget for the rest of my life.

_Recorded by Bryan Gong