Exploring Branding and Vikings in Dublin

Today, our lovely entrepreneurs continued their studies in the classroom and followed it up with some interesting site visits around town.

Our blogger of the day is the amazing Sofia Osment.  Here are her thoughts on the day of exploration in Dublin. 

Can you tell us a little about the site visit to Red Dog?  What does their company do and what did you think about it? 

"Red Dog is a design company and they help businesses in several different ways, they can help you with coming up with a name for your company to designing your company such as a logo, business cards, or menus. I really liked Red Dog because there are only 18 people that currently employed and they have such a good work ethic so each member can take on almost 6 projects at a time which shows their dedication to helping others be successful." 

Dublinia was a museum that covered viking and medieval history of Dublin.  What was your impression of the exhibits? 

"I was a fan of Dublinia as soon as I saw it. The museum itself is stunning with its architecture and stained glass windows. The museum had a good balance of information to interaction. There was a part where you could lift some of the armor and weapons that the vikings would have used to get an understanding of how much they weighed and to imagine oneself wearing that. Also within the museum the rooms were organized by the year, so you could get an understanding of what happened in that century or decade." 

What are one or two of your big takeaways from the overall trip now that we're in the last week?

"A big takeaway from this trip is that it’s all worth it in the end. Before I had applied for this program I was a little nervous because I would be going on a trip with strangers studying a topic that I did not know much about. But now that it is the last week I know that I have made lifelong friends and a better understanding and usage of entrepreneurship.  Also during the class, Emma Jane, our teacher, makes learning about entrepreneurship fun and engaging. Now all I wish is that we could stay for one more week so that we could continue learning and exploring the wonderful city of Dublin."

Sofia is a rising sophomore from Atlanta, Georgia.

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