Exploration Fun Amid Humidity in Taipei

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Chinese Language & Taiwanese Culture

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Kyrie Lucas

For many, the humidity here in Taipei puts a damper on energy levels, but these students are not letting the heat stop them from making the most of the activities. Here is one student's thoughts on her favorite activities this first week.

"The day we were able to make calligraphy being taught by a pro was amazing, not only was he a good teacher but he was very funny too. He helped everyone whenever they had issues and we were able to develop closer bonds with our classmates. I think it was just an amazing day and it was good to start getting to know each other. 

Our trip to Fort San Domingo was so fun and everyone agrees. While we were hot and gross for most of it, a bunch of us found some things to do. For example my friends and I were able to stay around the area, buy some things and go wait to watch the sunset. We got so many amazing pictures and we ran into the PLs again! I thought it was so amazing and even though it got off to a very hot start, by the end most of us didn’t even notice the heat and we just enjoyed spending time with each other!" -Lexi