Experiencing Gaelic Games

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Global Entrepreneurship

On Monday, our global entrepreneurs got back into the classroom, visited another local business to learn more about the Dublin start-up scene, and spent the evening trying out some Gaelic games.

Today I talked with our amazingly musical student, Leo Dunsirn, about the experiences of the day: 

What are you currently working on in your entrepreneurship class?

We are learning how to basically improve businesses or start a business and keep up with competitors. My group is working on an "Chew Chew Train" concept, so it's “Chew” like as in "chewing." It’s a restaurant on a train.

Today you ate lunch at a restaurant called Brother Hubbard and you got a chance to talk with the owner.  What stood out to you about the visit?

The sandwiches were good but it was weird because I couldn’t tell what kind of food it was at first.  It turned out to be Middle Eastern food which was kind of different. The owner had a lot of good advice.  For example, one thing he said was that basically when you work with food, you have to plan things out more because it’ll go bad if you don’t sell it whereas in a shop it’ll sell eventually if you’re patient. 

What did you think about the different Gaelic games you got to learn tonight? 

It’s like every fifth grade recess game mixed into one. I didn’t like the hand placement on the hurley stick because it felt opposite to me, but it was fun. Handball was cool- it was just like wall ball. That was my favorite. 

Leo Dunsirn is a rising sophomore from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.