An EPIC Day in Dublin

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Today's blog post is written entirely by our global navigator, Naomi Obenhaus.  She did a fabulous job recapping and reflecting on the day, so read on to find out more about our adventures.

"Today we started the day off with a relaxing morning at Highlight before heading to Tasty 8 for lunch. After that we visited EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum. Inside were several rooms you could walk through and learn about the history of Irish Emmigration through readings, pictures, videos, and several interactive activities. We were also given fake passports that had a guide to the rooms inside which could be stamped at the end of each room. It was interesting because I had always thought that Irish emigration had been mostly due to famine, but today I learned about the wide range of motivations for why people left Ireland and how they have traveled around the world. One interesting fact from the museum that I remember was that the White House was actually designed by James Hoben, who was an Irish Architect.

After EPIC, we toured the Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship. Although the ship currently is not active we were able to go below deck where there were fake people positioned doing different activities to demonstrate what it was like aboard the ship. We learned about what the ship was like and how Irish Immigrants traveled during the Famine.

Next for dinner, we headed to Harkin’s Bar where many of us tried beef and guinness stew. After dinner some of us went to the park and played with a soccer ball and did other activities at the park and had a great time.

Today marked one week from when most of us arrived which means there are two weeks left. This week went by fast, but it also feels like we have been here for a long time. I have learned so much in the past week and have had fun exploring Ireland and bonding with the other navigators. The weather today was also beautiful with the sun shining down on us for most of the day which made for a nice chill Sunday." 

Naomi is a rising junior from Sabattus, Maine.