The End!

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Danielle Mason

Danielle Mason

Our last few days in Sevilla were a whirlwind of final cultural activities, filming, editing, presentations, farwell parties, and even a little karaoke! 

On Thursday morning students tested their Spanish with a scavenger hunt around Sevilla in which they needed to talk with native Spanish speakers to find the answers to questions like "who founded Sevilla?"

Later on, we took a tour of the Cathedral and La Giralda. The Cathedral was originally a mosque and La Giralda was the minaret. This tall structure now serves as the bell tower of the cathedral and a perfect place to get a good view of Sevilla. 

During our last days of film class, students worked diligently for hours on their final projects. It was amazing to watch their passion for film channeled into such focus and determination. 

That evening we joined Carlos, our filmmaking teacher, for dinner at one of his favorite restaurants. After dinner we found a spot to sing karaoke! It was such a fun way to spend one of our last evenings together. 

And just like that it was Friday! Students spent the morning doing any last things they wanted to do before going home, we had a farwell lunch, they presented their amazing final projects and then it was time for some sad goodbyes .

But we can't be TOO sad because to a place as special as Sevilla and to friends as special as these ones it's not "goodbye" but "see you later."

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