Dolphin Watching

Authored by:
Lisette Aguila

We boarded small colorful boats for 12 people each to then speed into the ocean.  Although feeling seasick and having taken anti-nausea precautions, we were still ready and excited to begin crashing into waves and getting sprinkled with water as the boat soared. We enjoyed the ride to see dolphins in their natural habitat. After a 20 minute speed ride and first spotting some dolphins, we floated once they began jumping and diving out of the water. We saw dozens and dozens of dolphins swimming alongside us, beneath us, and directly ahead of our boats. Within the many groups of dolphins that we saw, there were mothers, juveniles, and young calves as well. It was surreal to see so many dolphins just feet away and for all of the time we spent in the open sea. After experiencing the views of dolphins in the ocean, we retreated to enjoy tea and European biscuits at the center to debrief our dolphin watching experience. We watched our trips taken on gopros from the boats. We saw the many dolphins underwater and learned about the common dolphin, which we had seen, including anatomy, rest habits, eating habits, mating, and overall facts. It was a wonderful experience observing wildlife before our final days in Lisbon.

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