Diana's Nature Journal

Authored by:
Danielle Mason

Danielle Mason

Fiery red… it goes tack, tack, tack, tack. To the busy ear this may sound like an interruption, an annoying wood pecker that will not give up.

But to me… oh, to me it sounds like home, brings about a little fernweh within me. Fernweh being the feeling of longing to go home, home being a place you have never been. 

We belong to a world that has nurtured every little atom, shaped every leaf into perfect imperfection. I sit here and admire the fact that it is also responsible for me just as I am responsible for it. 

However, I cannot pretend that I was born with this take on life for I would be lying to you and more importantly to myself. I too was once bothered by the pecking. I too ignored the enjoyment that can be acquired from something as simple as a tree. 

I cannot help but wonder how many moments of happiness I failed to live due to my own unconsciousness. 

However, we must not dwell on missed opportunities, let’s just enjoy the rhythm of nature.




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