Day trip to Glendalough valley and Kilkenny

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Elaina Loyd

Today students took a bus to visit some beautiful spots in Ireland outside of Dublin. We began by boarding our bus and making our way to Glendalough valley, which is located in Wicklow County, Ireland. Glendalough has beautiful scenery which includes a monastic site and round tower. The round tower was built almost 1,000 years ago by the monastic monks and was used as a refuge from invading Vikings. The students continued their tour of Glendalough valley with a scenic walk through wooded areas which ended with beautiful scenic views of the upper lake. Students paused to take in these spectacular views of this beautiful area. 

After Glendalough, we hopped back on the bus to tour the medieval city of Kilkenny to enjoy some lunch and a tour of Kilkenny Castle. Kilkenny Castle was built soon after the Norman conquest of Ireland and is over 800 years old. Students toured the castle and spent time shopping for local souvenirs as well. While touring the castle, a guide told us that Kilkenny has the 2nd longest room in Ireland, after Trinity College. Students returned home after a long day on the bus, and will begin their first day of in-person classes tomorrow.. 


Learn the Irish language! 

castle-  caisleán

valley - gleann

lake -loch