Day trip to Giverny

Authored by:
Elaina Loyd

Students were lucky enough this past weekend to be able to leave the hustle and bustle of Paris for a quiet day in the French village of Giverny. 

The students woke up early to catch a bus to leave for Giverny, a village in Normandy about an hour and a half from Paris. Our first stop in Giverny was the beautiful gardens that inspired many of Claude Monet's most famous works. We walked among the famous waterlilies that he included in his impressionist paintings. Everywhere we looked, we felt as if we were in one of Monet's paintings! 

Then, it was on to a visit to Monet's house. Many of his original paintings are included in the house. After a tour of the house, it was off to a visit to the Impressionism museum. After a busy morning, the students and staff were treated to a lunch at a beautiful restaurant in the village of Giverny. Students had a bit of freedom to explore Giverny before we headed back to the bus to return to the action and noise of Paris. 

Let's learn French! 

nympheas- waterlillies

jardin- garden

maison- house


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