A Day at the Parc........

Authored by:
Nawfal Talib


Our day at the park started off by reminding our participants of their objectives including self-identity and creating their own personal profile in Darija. We started off our intercultural adventures by taking a nice walk from our CIEE center to Hilton park. 

Forêt Hilton is well-used but never crowded.  Patrons from all walks of life come here. The loop around the outside is just shy of 2 miles, it takes two turns around this loop, plus a little more.  

The students reflected on the day and had a chance to practice their understanding by playing capture the flag and let say that thing got a little competitive especially that they were competing for Ice cream.....

They were assigned a number in Darija and had to capture the flag once their number was called, this helped them to identify the different phonetics regarding the numbers learned during class from 1 to 30.

The participants had so much fun that they wanted to continue and play 2 more games which reinforced their learning for that day.

Stay tuned for our next adventure to Chellah...

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