Dance-The Hidden Language of the Soul

Authored by:
Kamera Bracey

Yesterday, students visited Occident Orient Foundation, an organization dedicated to raising awareness on migrants and refugees in the country. The foundation has many refugees and migrants from other neighboring African countries and even some from outside of the African continent such as Iraq, Ukraine, and Palestine. The foundation also supports Moroccans, who have tried to migrate to European countries.

Students got to see a representation of many different African countries and got to dive deeper into the beautiful mixture of cultures and diversity that can be found within Morocco. They also got to see what local community members are doing to educate the population on the issue, while at the same time providing amazing educational and social support. 

Our Participants described OOF (Occident Orient Foundation)  to be “vibrant, inspiring, cultural, and inclusive. After learning more about the foundation and what it provides, they got to partake in a cultural west-african dance class!! They enjoyed getting loose and expressing themselves in various forms of dance. It was thrilling and full of energy. Morocco offers an amazing diverse culture, especially due to its geographical location. It is safe to say that our students left the foundation feeling uplifted and impacted positively. 

“Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.”

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