Cup noodles, Yukatas, Temples, oh my!

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Japanese Language & Culture

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Brooke Dawson

Students had a busy, fun, and educating first week here in Tokyo, Japan! Classes started right away on Monday and students found that they do more than take notes and listen to their 先生(sensei:teacher), they often engage in fun relay races, interactive situations, and even interview each other in Japanese.

 Language isnt the only topic of study for this past week as students visited the Ikebukuro Life and Safety Center to learn about 地震(Jishin:earthquake) safety, how to use a fire extinguisher, and other safety measures through fun interactive exhibits! 

Students also got to learn about Japans rich cultural history by visiting the Kaminarimon (also known as the Thunder Gate) while wearing traditional Japanese 浴衣(Yukata) and testing their luck with the fortune lottery!

Over the weekend, everyone took a day trip to visit the infamous Japanese Port city of 横浜(Yokohama) where they got to create their very own custom cup noodles and learn more about the cities specific history at various museums.