Cultural Activities

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Joel Villegas

This week our students experienced inside and outside activities.  Students visited Boca in Buenos Aires.  This emblematic neighborhood owes its name to the fact that it is precisely in this area where the mouths of the Riachuelo are located, where its waters flow into the Río de la Plata.  In the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, the neighborhood of La Boca is the most famous and fashionable among tourists.  The neighborhood was the birthplace of the painter Benito Quinquela Martín, who reflected the tasks of the port and the daily life of its people in his works.  Thanks to him and his neighbors, an old alley of 150 meters was recovered, with a winding stretch known as ' Caminito ' and through which the train track had originally run, and where in 1959, the municipal government inaugurated a street museum with works of art donated by their authors.  Today it is another of the neighborhood icons.

We also visited Malba (Museo de Arte Latinoamericana de Buenos Aires), one of the most interesting in the City.  It houses the art collection of the Costantini Foundation, with approximately 400 works (paintings, sculptures, engravings, photographs, and objects) by great Latin American artists of the 20th century.  Students had time to visit the museum's three floors and then purchase fun posters, games, and postcards in the store.   

Another famous and important place we visited was the Ateneo Grand Splendid, one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world!  Many students left here with a book for themselves, a family member, or their Spanish teacher.    

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