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Jessica Kehoe

Jessica Kehoe

As part of the Language and Culture curriculum here in Valparaíso, students have a few Misiónes Ñ each week in which they take what they learned in the classroom and directly apply it in the real world. This week, level 2 learned about movies and, as part of their Misión Ñ activity, they interviewed Chileans at a local artisenal market about their taste in movies. Check out a few photos from the activity below!

Caroline and Kaya discussed Star Wars with a local vendor.
Ian and Carly spoke with a vendor about The Nightmare before Christmas, or in Spanish El extraño mundo de Jack.
Sophia and McKayla interviewed a Chilean about her favorite movie, Hachi: A Dog's Tale or Siempre a tu lado, Hachiko in Spanish.
Andrew and Gabriela spoke with a vendor about the Chilean film Tres tristes tigres.


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