A Colorful Canvas: Exploring Street Art in Rennes

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Honors French Language & Culture

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Emma Butler

Students continued exploring the theme of creativity this week with a tour of Street Art in Rennes. The city of Rennes became the canvas for the Global Navigators as they embarked on an immersive journey into the world of Street Art. Led by the local Street Artists, the students delved into the history, techniques, and cultural connections of this urban art form. 

The activity began with a walking tour through the streets of Rennes. As they strolled through alleys and avenues, students learned about the history of Street Art in the city. The students discovered the connections and history of graffiti between Rennes and the U.S., which has greatly influenced the local Street Art scene. The Street Artists explained the different styles of Street Art, including Street Art tags - personalized signatures that artists use to leave their mark on public spaces. Students also discovered frescos that are sanctioned by the city and are intriguing murals on the sides of buildings throughout the city. 

After the walking tour, the students had the chance to channel their own creativity. Working in small groups, they expressed themselves by completing a letter in a communal fresco that would come to represent the CIEE Global Navigators' artistic spirit. The result was a masterpiece of colors, patterns, drawings, and tags, each letter reflecting the unique artistic flair of its creators.