Cenotes & Playa

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Spanish Language & Mexican Culture

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Eblin Molina

Our Language and Culture students enjoy being in the water and they have had the opportunity to go swimming a few times. All of them, as part of the program with their friends and CIEE staff, and, many of them, also with their host families. This time, as a group, we visited two beautiful places: El Corchito and Progreso.

We started at El Corchito, which is a wetland nature reserve with pools, cenotes & mangrove swamps, home to coatis, fish, turtles, crocodiles, and bats. We got into the boats that took us to the reserve and saw a baby crocodile that was sunbathing by the dock. A few coatis welcomed us at our arrival and stayed close by during our time there. The students had a great time swimming in the refreshing water of the cenotes and admiring the nature around them. On the way out, we saw a few bats hanging down from the roof of a palapa. What a view!

Our second stop was Progreso, a port city on the Yucatán Peninsula. It has beautiful beaches with white sand and an oceanfront promenade, “el Malecón”. We arrived at lunch time and, after eating, the students had time to enjoy the beach! Even though it rained, they all had a great time playing on the beach, swimming, eating fresh fruit, and drinking virgin piña coladas.

This was another wonderful and successful experience!