Cape Coast Chronicles

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Kaylee Haskell

Kaylee Haskell

The Global Navigators embarked on their first road trip over the weekend. On Saturday, we explored the vibrancy of Accra on a guided city tour. Students were able to get their first taste of the busy Ghanaian market environment by walking through the Makola Market. We also visited the Dr. Kwame Nkrumah mausoleum in Jamestown where the first president of Ghana lies with his wife. A tour guide took us through the museum of his life and the history of Ghana surrounding Ghana gaining independence on March 6, 1957. We concluded our day with an afternoon of swimming at the campus pool and dinner at a Turkish restaurant, resting up for our first day of travel the next morning.

On Sunday morning, we all went and toured the Cape Coast Castle. The castle is a monumental landmark in Ghanaian culture because it played an essential role in the Transatlantic Slave Trade. The Cape Coast Castle was a place where millions of slaves past through unwilliningly between the 1600s - late 1800s. The students toured the castle and visited key places such as, the male and female dungeon, The Door of No Return, and the master's chambers. The Cape Coast Castle is a solice place and the students had the opportunity to embrace its history. 

After leaving the Cape Coast Castle, we made our way to Kakum National Park to hike above the treetops. The canopy walk is located 50 meters above the ground, and. if you’re lucky, you may see an elephant or monkey! Unfortunately, we didn’t see any of these, but we did see a variety of lizards and a few of the 500+ species of butterflies that call Kakum home.


We made our way back to Accra and ate dinner at the Accra Mall before returning home and preparing for the start of week two.


Kaylee and Keyandra

Twi Word of the Day-

Today's word of the day is sere which means smile in Twi. Lena was all smiles during our canopy walk excursion! 

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