Bye, Bye, Beslama Alik

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Andreina Santamaria

Andreina Santamaria

3la slamtkum! 

Session II Rabat Language and Culture students officially said their farewells to their host families, teachers and l Maghrib. Everyone knew the program would have to end but no one ever imagined creating such amazing  lasting frienships in Morocco but most importantly grow personally in so many aspects. Students through out the program learned to push themselves from their comfort zones, from commuting to the CIEE on their own to learning Darija/Modern Strandard Arabic. 

The last week of the program was bittersweet because students were excited to go home and share their experience in Morocco with their family and friends but sad to leave Morocco behind which became their second home. The highlights of the Rabat Language Session II was students endless beach days, ice cream hang outs at Oliveri, lunch at Zumba, pushing for a spot on the tram to class but all jokes aside students will always carry with them what they learned in Morocco.  

In their last week students had a henna and farewell party where students put in practice their Morrocan tea making skills and reflected about their month in Morocco. Teachers also conducted students STAMP exams where students can track their language progress from week one. 

Students said their goodbyes to their host families and Morocco but before they learned a famous song called "Bye, Bye, Beslama Alik" (bye, bye, bye to you) as a fun way to say their farewell. 

In their last say in Rabat before leaving for the Casablanca aiport students stayed as a group in a hotel in the Rabat Medina and had food at the loved by locals Syrian Restaurant, Yamal Acham. 

Just like that Rabat Language & Culture Session II came  to an end but the memories will carry on. 

Hta mrra jayya inshallah (Till next time, God willing)! 

Bye, Bye Beslama Alikum! 

Your Program Leader, 


(Some of students' highlights of the program can be seen in the pictures above)

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