Bouncing Through the Final Week of the Program

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Global Entrepreneurship

For Wednesday's student spotlight, I heard from the amazing Quinn Harmon.  It's hard to believe we're almost finished with the program, but she gave us her thoughts on some of our final outings of the trip! 

How have you enjoyed the class component of the program?  

It was very useful for what we need for the future.  I was familiar with some of the lessons, but our teacher went into depth and put it into perspective for entrepreneurship and business in general, which was great. 

Today we visited a market research firm called Spark.  What was interesting to you about the visit? 

I'm interested in the marketing and advertising aspect of business, so I was really impressed with everything that Spark does being that they're a research marketing agency.  I liked that they were able to work with so many different businesses, yet give each one their own personal touch. 

We also had some time to just have fun as a group at the trampoline park.  What has it been like to spend three weeks in a foreign city with a group of strangers? 

By day two, none of them really felt like strangers.  The trip is so compact that you kind of force yourself to get to know everyone.  It's pretty amazing and you form really close relationships- I know everyone's life and they know mine.  It's kind of cool to see and experience.  If you ever have a chance to do this, do it.  Don't let a fear or doubt make you miss out on a great experience. 

Quinn is a rising senior from Monmouth Beach, New Jersey.