Born Creative and adventurous!

Authored by:
Marina Tavarez

 Our Barcelona students are on the move this week, immersing themselves deeper and more richly into the dynamically diverse Spanish culture. Our adventurous High schoolers are out and about in an exciting and challenging scavengerhunt in the trendy barrio Born of the Gothic quarters of the city. Students use a map to  traverse these medieval corridors looking for clues leading to ancient city ruins, majestic gothic cathedrals, Picasso master pieces, all while playing team building games, bolstering their cooperative, leadership and communication skills, and savoring some of the barrios most delectable confections. In addition to tasting and experiencing Spanish culture our students were able to create a one of a kind copper granulated glass necklace in one of the jewerly making workshops at pueblo  Espanyol, an open-air archetectural museum.


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