A bittersweet goodbye ...

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Karina Suarez Luna

Karina Suarez Luna

Today was our last day of classes, our last reunion and our last day in beautiful Sevilla. 

Shortly after we finished our final class presentations, we had a mini goodbye party/mini fiesta. The kids all dressed up, ate, danced and Karaoked to music in Spanish and English. Songs like Queen (YEP thats right! Queen!). This would be the last time where we would be all together to celebrate their growth and time here in Sevilla.

We had many many tears, but also so many smiles we will never forget. During this time we also had the chance to celebrate students who went above and beyond through-out the program.

Every year, two students are chosen from each class. These students need to meet criteria such as: Show positivity in class and in community activities, Use Spanish at ALL times in class and outside of class, Practice the content they have learned during the program, and Work very very hard in both Mission ñ (Into the community) and in class.

This vote was one of the hardest for teachers and program leaders because we have had such amazing Global Navigators. Every year its the hardest decision because all our kids are amazing and show such amazing positivity throughout the program. So we did something different. We asked the kids to give their oppinion too. Each student gave an anonimous vote towards the prize and each class then decided! During the celebration we awarded our stuents and they were  awarded a diploma and a small gift to remember Sevilla by. 

As we were finishing our fiesta, some of our students surprised us with a mini talent show! We had a student sing a song to the group (which was so beautiful!) AND we had a special glow stick dance performance! 

All students have sparkled and grown through this program. After our last pictures, hugs and tears, it was time to say "Hasta luego" and until next time! We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow as some of us fly at 7AM (4AM at the airport sounds fun doesn't it?) 

As many of our students say, ¡Chao Pescao!

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