Birthdays in Toulouse

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Maylen Rafuls

Maylen Rafuls

Birthday celebrations are important: having someone remember your birthday makes you feel appreciated.  Taking the time to recognize students who were celebrating their birthday during their stay in France was just one more way that the Toulouse CIEE staff made students feel at ease in a foreign context. We celebrated eight birthdays during Session I French Language and Culture program in Toulouse.

Alicia - le 12 juin
Lydia - le 18 juin  
Christine  - le 22 juin  
Brooke - le 22 juin  
Annette - le 28 juin  
Abbigail - le 4 juillet  
Angela - le 5 juillet  
Bayley - le 7 juillet 


Alicia got a traditional Occitan cake named fenêtra and a birthday card signed by CIEE staff and Program Leaders


Lydia's Birthday celebration consisted of singing, a card and a pastry in the courtyard of the Institut Catholique

Christine and Brooke

From the left: Julia (Program Coordinator) and Isabelle (Program director) celebrate Christine (polka dot dress) and Brooke's (orange dress) birthdays while on excursion at Port Vendres with Porgram Leader Aisha and the rest of the students.


Annette receives a birthday song, card and pastry in the courtyard of the Institut Catholique
Abbigail gives Annette a birthday hug



We celebrated Abbigail's Birthday in the courtyard of the Institut Catholique

Angela and Bayley

Bayley's birthday is right after the program ends, so we decided to celebrate at the end of program luncheon


Angela's birthday was the last day of the program so we were able to celebrate during the lunch celebration


For many of our students, who are away from home and family for the first time, celebrating their birthday abroad becomes even more important.

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