Bienvenue en France!

Authored by:
Jennifer Baldwin

Jennifer Baldwin


Most of the students met for the group flight at JFK airport.  Program leaders were there to greet students and help them get checked in.  A lot of the students had been in communication already through social media and were excited to meet in person! At the airport, students were discussing what they were the most excited and nervous about.  The flight from JFK lasted about seven hours.  There was a layover in Paris and students had to go through passport control.  The lines were crazy long and we had to run through the airport to catch our next flight...but we made it! The next flight to Toulouse was only about an hour and a half.  At the arrival airport, the exhausted students were greeted by their host families.  Luckily, the following day is a holiday observed in France so they have the day to recover and settle in with their new French families.  Orientation will begin on Tuesday and the students are excited to learn more about what to expect out of their month in Toulouse!

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