Berlin Bratwurst and Schnitzel!

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Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Europe

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Gregory Gaylor

Berlin, Germany - the third and final locale in our three-week, three-country, three-city Multi-Site Global Entrepreneurship academic excursion! Only a few days into our German adventure, and Berlin has enthralled, animated, surprised, and bedazzled. From our initial introduction to a very strong and authentically traditional German food culture to our viewing of internationally recognized and renown monuments, buildings, and attractions such as the Brandenburg Tor and the East Side Gallery where artists have showcased and displayed their creative talents on the former Berlin Wall to a presentation by several C-suite level representatives of foreign language learning app corporation, Babbel, regarding the fundamental elements of how to successfully run and sustain an international conglomerate, we are excited to be in Berlin and are looking forward to what the remainder of our journey will entail.