¡Bem vindo a Portugal!

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Aquatic Ecosystems & Sustainability

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Jacquelyn Duffy


Bon dia! 

Olá! My name is Jacqui and I am a Program Leader for Aquatic Ecosystems and Sustainibility in Lisboa. Session II arrived Saturday and we hit the ground running! Students are excited to explore Portgual and Lisboa, as well as learn more about aqautic ecosystems and sustainibility through meaningful, hands-on activities. 

Arrival: Students arrived overnight to Europe! Tired but spirits high, students arrived at their dorms before an incredible Portuguese dinner. It was a great welcome dinner!


Day 1:10 July 2023 Our aquatic experience began after Orientation at Universidade Nova de Lisboa - Faculdade de Ciencas Sociais e Humanas - our home base on Monday. Our group  (Group B) was THRILLED to go to Carcavelos beach for summer time fun.  Our umbrellas kept blowing away, but that didn't prevent us from having fun! Students were swimming for quite a long time and connecting with eachother. Someone had brought a ball with them and made for an exciting visit. What better place to become friends  and connect than at the beach! It was a great opportunity to partake in a very Lisboa cultural activity - enjoying the beach. While we were at the beach, Group A  had a lovely city walk around the center of Lisboa before some free time.


Picture of Carcavelos Beach vista. Bright blue skies and white sand!
Picture of Carcavelos Beach vista. Bright blue skies and beautiful blue water!


Group at students at the beach - looking happy in the sun!
Picture of students at the beach - all smiles!

Day 2: 11 July 2023 Both groups attend their first Introduction to Aquatic Ecosystems class at the university. Students engaged in interactive lessons identifying cultural connections to water and how water and aquatic systems sustain all types of life - especially human! After class, both groups had their first Functional Portuguese class in no other than a park! Our group worked with Stella and had surprise students show up: patinhos. We were grateful to learn basic Portguese phrases and students were able to practice in real life after our city walk with Francisco. 

Group of students at vista of Lisboa during city walk. Castle can be seen in the background on the right.

Picture of my group of students with Francisco at overlook of vista of Lisboa. White buildings in the background overlooking a park and a harbor. 

Group of students with Program Leader Connar during free time on city walk.

Group of students with Program Leader Connar  (Group A) during free time on city walk (10 July 2023). They found some good gelato and look VERY happy!

Group of my students sitting park for Portuguese lesson with Stella. Little ducklings are walking up the grass to join us for some basic Portuguese.

Group of my students sitting in the park for Portuguese class with Stella. Notice the little ducklings making their way up to learn!

Language instructor Rodrigo engaging with language students in the park. Smiles all around!

Language instructor Rodrigio engaging with students in a fun language acquistion activity: the goal is to move around and get them to try their new phrases. Based on the smiles, they seem very confident and are ready for some local practice! 

Students during Introduction to Aquatic Ecosystems class.

Students taking notes  during River, Asturary and Coastal Lagoon class. (12 July 2023)  

Obrigada for reading - I look forward to sharing more experiences as we travel onward and toward Tomar and experience river ecosystems with kayaking!