"Because, It's Art"- Finding Meaning in Simplicity

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RaeKenya Walker

In between helping teachers in the classroom, Twi lessons, and the hustle and bustle of the night market, we occasionally get to slow down and experience culture in a different way. Just when the Global Navigators thought they were going to be bored with the simplicity of beads and tie-dye, Auntie Sheila and Auntie Vivian came to the rescue. We arrived at Auntie Vivian's house on a lazy Wednesday afternoon to find shimmers of light reflecting off of the ocean of beads before us. With nervous excitement, the students sat around tables to hear how Auntie Vivian has used beads and jewelry making to generate income but also as a form of self-expression. The personalities of our Navigators came out as some were giddy at the chance to create their own masterpieces while others reluctantly tried stringing beads for their 3rd or 4th attempt. A similar occurrence took place a week later when we met Auntie Vivian and Auntie Sheila for tie &dye. Tie & dye or tie-dye, looked a bit different than what we were used to. Buckets filled to the brim with vibrant color blues and yellows and string to tie off the fabric. The Global Navigators paid close attention when the Aunties were explaining the different types of patterns and when tie & dye 1st started. Curious, I asked Auntie why people started doing the tie & dye. Without missing a beat she responded, "Because, it's art! Sometimes you don't need a reason." At that moment, Auntie gave us the space to be creative without a need for perfection. Auntie gave us room to just be and enjoy the process. Their patience and perseverance paid off, and there were beautiful finished products to show for it.