Bastille Day and Weekend activities!

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Honors French Language & Culture

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Sophie Cowley

This year July 14th fell on a Friday which meant the students didn't have class and enjoyed a 3-day weekend. They had an opportunity to continue experiencing the French culture with their host families, pursue their discovery of Rennes but especially celebrate Bastille Day the French way. 

Bastille Day is very important historical date in France. It celebrates the power of the Revolution which started with the overtaking of the Bastille Prison in 1789. This key event marked the end of the absolute monarchy in France and contributed to a worldwide intellectual movement. 

The festivities often take place in the evening of July 13th since the 14th is a holiday and many offices and stores are closed. The students spent time with their families, continued experiencing new foods, saw new places, and met new people. The city of Rennes presented a beautiful firework show at the Stadium of the Bellangerais (located in a northern suburb of Rennes) . A few students went to the military parade downtown, at the Place du Parlement, while others went out to dinner and/or spent time with friends and families with a traditional (very long) French meal:)

As a group we also met on Saturday morning for a visit of the famous "Marche des Lices" (the second largest market in France). Eventhough the weather was a little cooler and a bit rainy this past weekend, several students enjoyed the French farmer's market vibe with many scents of flowers, cheeses, meats, fish and, of course, the traditionnal galettes/crepes.