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Jeanelle Wheeler

Jeanelle Wheeler

Pas Sommeil.  Not tired.  These are the words we've seen the past two weeks all throughout Rennes, plastered throughout town on pink posters. Despite our long days amidst the heatwave, the temperature has now cooled down a bit and we’ve not tired of this week of exploration of Rennes’ art scene through an exhibit that explored “celebration” in all its forms.  We experienced the flashing lights and disco balls in the Pas Sommeil exhibit at the Musée des Beaux Arts.  And today it was time to experience a continuation of that exhibit…

So where would our art journey lead us next? To the FRAC - Fonds Régionale d’Art Contemporain!  This is a museum that holds public collections of contemporary art, created in the 1980s to ensure that each region of France would have access to contemporary art.

We were led through the museum by a guide and students were challenged to ask him questions about the artwork.  “What type of artwork do you personally like?”  “Where did the artists get their inspiration?”  “Where is the message of this piece?”  We thought about the audience of the artwork and how art can be political.  We thought about abstract art.  Immersive art.  And the artists’ intent.

Do you feel like you want to go on the tour now, too?  Then check out these photos to dive into the experience!

First we heard from the guide about the history of the FRAC beside the mirrored walls.

Then we entered the museum and one student turned to me and said, “I love this type of architecture!”

We got to watch a film from Brazil that centered dance promoting LGBTQ+ rights and we then discussed art and politics.

Then we got to do some debating about questions surrounding one piece of art.  One student asked, “Where are all those people?  Where is this artwork?”  Turns out - it was at a huge stadium in the US!

Finally, we went to an exhibit that made us feel we were at a celebration, a party, a fête, through the unique lighting of the room.  Some of us were ready to dance! :)

After all this art this week, we feel inspired to go create ourselves.  The street artist told our group yesterday that he discovered his passion at a late age and he had an exhibit in the FRAC just a few months ago.  So who knows - maybe some of our students will end up in a different FRAC someday!  Until then…au revoir, FRAC!  And we’re not tired of art.  Pas Sommeil…!


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