Atelier pâtisserie : le fraisier

Authored by:
Stephanie Humphrey

Earlier in the week, half of the group participated in the atelier pâtisserie and learned how to make Paris-Brest pastries.  The second half of the group did the workshop on Friday and learned how to make a fraisier.  As the name suggests, a fraisier is a pastry which has a thin layer of sponge cake on the bottom, that is filled with strawberries around the edges and almond pastry cream, then topped off with another layer of sponge cake and marzipan to decorate it.  Our pastry chef showed us how to make the sponge cake, pipe it onto a cookie sheet in a spiral shape, and prepare the pastry cream.  Each student assembled all of the ingredients together into their own pastry and then got to take it home.  Miam miam!  They were delicious  AND beautiful!

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