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Sophia Gray

Sophia Gray


The majority of students and I met at Newark airport to head to our final destination: Prague.

Upon arrival we were greeted by CIEE coordinators Eva and Kamila! We took a bus to our home residence where we met our RAs Kristinka and Michael! Each student group was assigned their apartment for their 3 week stay. (Stay tuned for our MTV Cribs: Prague Residence Edition Vlog). 

Near our residence we have drugstores, grocery stores, a mall, and a variety of coffee shops and restaurants. They are all within walking distance and the center of Prague is only 20 minutes away! 

The students got a tour of the surrounding area and we headed off to lunch where some of us tried Pork Roast Rib with Dumplings (a typical Czech dish). Others had delicious vegetarian meals, roasted chicken and mashed potatoes, and much more. We also had the opportunity to try some of Prague's famous Lemonade. 

Once we finished we headed back to the Residence for the evening. Stay tuned for our First day of class post coming soon! 



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