Alors On Danse!

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Honors French Language & Culture

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Margaret Schmidt

In a fun and interactive workshop, students learned several dances as well as numerous aspects of Breton culture, including its Celtic and Scottish influences. Learning traditional dances allows students to understand more deeply the products and practices of a culture, and in Brittany, dancing is an essential part of the cultural heritage. Students were able to connect with the region's history and geography, thus gaining a deeper understanding of Brittany's cultural identity. Students enjoyed dancing in pairs, groups of 4, and in circles, to dances including le Scottish, le Carillon de Chevaigné, le Cecle Circassien, and le Galop Nantais. Students also heard traditional musical instruments such as la bombarde (the bombard, a wind instrument) and la cornemuse (bagpipes) as well as more contemporary Breton music. Students had a lot of fun while pushing out of their comfort zones!