To All of Berlin's Future Voyagers...

Authored by:
Kenzo K.

Kenzo K.


I'd just like to thank everyone for making my experience so amazing. Below is my one month post-trip video I made with recollections from this summer. 

I hope all of you enjoyed this program as much as I did; to those of you who are thinking about going or looking for CIEE programs that will positively impact your summer (or even your life), I suggest coming to Berlin. Not only were my experiences as vibrant as my blog posts, but I can safely say that this summer of 2018 was one for the books. The friends I've made as well as the people I met were connections I would never be able to have without this program. Thank you CIEE for everything.

Enjoy my last video! If you ever want to ask me about the application/scholarship process or anything about the trip itself feel free to email me at or shoot me a message on Facebook!


Kenzo Kimura

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