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Danielle Mason

Danielle Mason

On Friday we said our goodbyes to Palma and moved to Alcudia, a beautiful area on the northern side of Mallorca. 

Our first stop was a wildlife preserve for some birdwatching. We did our best to keep quiet while walking the paths of the preserve as not to scare the birds away.

Jason and Kathleen in the birdwatching hut.

From the birdwatching huts we could see common coots, little egrets, greenshanks and a purple gallinule. 

Later that afternoon we settled into our accommodations for the night. Students showed amazing determination as we made our way up the steep hill to the campsite with all of our luggage.

The afternoon was spent rock climbing, doing field work and swimming around around the tiny island of S'Illot. 

Hannah on the rock climbing wall. 

We finished the day with a beautiful sunset and star gazing with good friends.

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