Adventures at Causey Farm: A Guest Blog by Student Teji Rawat

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Hailie Mentz

Following a short but pleasant nap on the bus ride, we finally arrived at Causey Farms. It was rainy and windy as we got off the bus and met with our guide. Our first activity was Irish dancing. We were taught various moves and eventually were able to dance along to a song. To my surprise, we all got the routine down pretty quickly. After the dancing, we walked over to the barn and looked at some farm animals. The animals included a cow, bunnies, sheep, chicks, piglets and geese. They were all very cute.

The next activity was making soda bread. We threw some ingredients in a bowl, followed some instructions, mixed everything together and sent the bread off to the oven. Then we walked on over to a some sort of tunnel maze. It’s safe to say that claustrophobia definitely kicked in, but despite that I still found myself making my way through random, narrow and dark tunnels. 

When we were finished we took a walk through some of the animal pastures and encountered calves and llamas. They were completely unbothered. This walk was followed by another walk in the rain, to a changing area. Why were we changing? Two words: bog jumping. Following some hesitant and impulsive decisions, several of us changed into undesirable outfits. Everyone took a ride in a cattle cart to a clearing. The clearing was filled with a pit of mud. Those of us who had changed jumped into the mud while the others stood and stared. The mud was thick and captivating, but definitely a fun experience. The worst part was washing off the mud and changing into clean clothes. But after a while we were able to do so. 

Then, we had lunch, which was a local vegetable soup made from vegetables on the farm and the soda bread that we had baked earlier. It was very good, but the dessert was even better– scones with fresh jam and cream. Lastly, we got on the bus to go back to Dublin, which once again included a nice, long nap.