5 Things that Set an Intensive Language Program apart

What makes a Language Intensive different than a standard language program at CIEE? It’s a more rigorous, round-the-clock experience, designed for students looking to gain language fluency in the most authentic way possible. For motivated learners who are serious about language, it’s a rewarding experience with proven results.

What makes the two types of language programs the same? New friendships, unforgettable excursions, intercultural activities. Daily discoveries and eye-opening experiences.

What’s it like to be immersed in a Language Intensive? Think of it like being an actor getting into character for a role in a whole new setting. Full cultural immersion combined with speaking the language 24/7 is a challenge that many students seize!

Here are 5 things that make our Language Intensive more, well, intense(!):

Smaller Size

You’ll spend time with a smaller group of like-minded students. It’s a great bonding experience and a better way to learn. You’re all in it together!

Higher Expectations

Instructors will challenge students more by ramping up the difficulty of tasks and activities. During daily life you’ll be flexing your linguistic skills with native speakers and fellow classmates who are also farther along the path of proficiency.

More Selective

It’s designed for intermediate to advanced language learners. You need 2+ years of high school Spanish under your belt to apply.

Bigger Commitment

You’re expected to stay in the language the majority of the time, with occasional breaks (or “recess”). You’ll need to sign a Language Pledge beforehand to promise to stay in the target language.

More Incentives

Like the Global Citizen Award at the end of the program, given by Program Leaders to those best at staying in the target language 24/7. Plus a greater likelihood of skipping a level of language upon return to your high school or placing out of a language requirement in college.

The Spanish intensive was hard at times. My host family only spoke Spanish, they only knew very few words in English, so it forced me to speak Spanish at all times and I had to practice and practice… But it was worth it… It was really amazing. - Colin, 2017 Global Navigator in Alicante, Spain

Interested in learning more? Check out our new Spanish Intensive program in Palma de Mallorca, Spain!

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