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Please contact Jill Sady at or (207) 553-4052 for any questions or donation needs.

Mail a check payable to CIEE to:

c/o Jill Sady
600 Southborough Drive, Suite 104
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    CIEE cultivates peace through programs that humanize international relations.

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Donation FAQ

Will You Share or Sell My Information?

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No, our donor privacy policy is as follows:

The Council for International Educational Exchange, CIEE, will not under any circumstances share, sell or distribute donor information including mailing or email addresses to any other organizations or third parties. You may also request to remain anonymous in any annual reports or donor recognition lists created by CIEE. CIEE is committed to the highest standard of donor information integrity to ensure privacy.

CIEE offers options for information privacy within CIEE’s network, which are controlled by the individual. Please check your privacy settings in CIEE’s alumni directory and social media accounts.

Any donor or individual wishing to opt out of mailings, emails or other contact, may contact CIEE to make preferences known. These preferences will be noted on an individual basis and honored unless otherwise directed by the individual. Please contact Allison Gjeltema at or (207) 553-4089 for any contact preferences. 

Can I Match My Gift Through My Employer?

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Yes, with the gift receipt from your CIEE donation, please check with your company’s HR department for the proper matching gift forms to double or triple the impact of your gift. Once all the paperwork is submitted with your company, CIEE will verify the donation and your company will send the match. You will be recognized for the match at the level of the combined gifts, i.e. if you make a $500 gift and your company sends in a matching $500 you will be recognized at the $1,000 level. If you’re unsure if your company matches charitable contributions, check with your HR department. 

Why Isn’t CIEE Rated By Charity Navigator?

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CIEE is not rated by Charity Navigator because the company does not rely on support from contributors and foundations to operate. This is good news, as CIEE’s balanced budget means all charitable support is directed toward access for students who would not otherwise have the chance to study abroad. You may use Charity Navigator’s article on evaluating unrated charities to evaluate CIEE’s financial health and transparency and view CIEE’s 990 on Charity Navigator. CIEE is committed to transparency, financial health and seeking charitable donations to increase access to CIEE programs for all students.