My Top 5 Favorite Restaurants in Madrid

Authored By:

Lily K.

Since moving to Madrid in August, one of my favorite things to do is try out some of the amazing restaurants the city has to offer. Madrid has thousands of incredible restaurants, cafes, and markets to choose from. I have had so much fun trying new foods and eateries and find myself always wanting to go to new places. However, I have found a few staples that I keep finding myself going back to.


Mazál - Bagels 

Mazal has to be one of my new favorite places to eat in the city. It hosts a big menu of many options, however their bagel sandwiches are a must. My go to is the chicken schnitzel sandwich on a garlic and herb bagel! Mazál also has a great array of vegetarian options. If you are looking for some of the best bagels in Madrid, definitely check them out.



Mama Dumplings - Asian 

Mama Dumplings holds a special place in my heart because it was one of the first restaurants I went to here with a big group of my friends. A small family owned restaurant, Mama Dumplings offers soups, sandwiches, and of course dumplings. My favorite things to order are the grilled chicken dumplings and the tonkatsu. It is a great option if you are looking for simple, yet really yummy Asian classics. 



Tiki Taco - Cheap Tacos 

Tiki Taco is one of the best options if you are looking for a cheap but also delicious meal! They offer a big menu of different options, However, their 1 euro tacos are definitely the winner. The price also makes it great to get an assortment and try new things. Tiki Taco is a really fun restaurant to go to with a group of friends before hitting some bars at night. 



Rebel Cafe - Coffee, pastries, and sandwiches 

Rebel Cafe is a really fun and lively cafe that has tons of options for coffee, pastries, and sandwiches. My favorite thing to order is the "Run Chicken, Run" sandwich. It is a great place to get something to eat, read a book, or hang out with friends. It's also a great spot to get some work done, having a designated place to work with computers at the high top bar. 



Ramen Kagura - Ramen

Ramen Kagura is one of my favorite ramen places in Madrid. They have a great array of different ramen options, as well as some sushi and curry options as well. My friends and I eat here often because it is relatively cheap and super yummy! There are also a few different locations around Madrid so it is super convenient to get to one.