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Veronica N.

Summer Community Public Health Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic
Hometown: Dallas, TX


The Reason I'm Here

By Veronica N.

Vulnerability Fear. Lust. Grief. Contempt. Boredom. These are just some of the few emotions that we, humans, can feel. But out of the diverse gamut of fleeting experiences, I think... keep reading

Dynamism of Health

By Veronica N.

Wait. Public health is related to medicine? Seems pretty obvious in hindsight- I know- but my experience at UC Berkeley caused me to live in this bubble and turn a... keep reading

Social Determinants of Health

By Veronica N.

My professor posited an interesting situation in class this week. She introduced to us a patient named Juan Peréz. While her story was much longer than what I will relay... keep reading

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