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Tara Z.

Summer Korean Studies Seoul, South Korea
Hometown: Richmond, California

Tara Zhou is a university business student on the brink of graduation. With that prospect in unfolding, she wishes to begin cherishing each increment of time studying abroad in Seoul as one day, each bus ride, rained-in steamy day, corner prop store, and delightful cafe will become a reminist memory. As she experiences a multitude of firsts during her time here this summer, recording the micro-experiences and small nuances of each first will be her attempt to value time more, as she wishes to place more emphasis on the journey as opposed to the overall outcome. Accompany her along this trek through each date she takes herself on, newfound bakery, or whatever else she happens to stumble upon! 



The Nature Wonderland: Nami Island

By Tara Z.

In just a few hours drive from Seoul and a short scenic ferry ride brings you into the quaint Island of Nami. This small sector of land is a wonderland... keep reading

The Port City of Busan

By Tara Z.

The port city of Busan that became wildly popular and recognized for the iconic movie Train to Busan has since then become one of the most visited places in South... keep reading

Seoul Cafe Adventures

By Tara Z.

Seoul's Myriad of Themed Cafes My stay thus far in Seoul has consisted of an immense amount of walking and throughout my travels, I have noticed that every street will... keep reading

How is South Korea is Leading in the Beauty Industry?

By Tara Z.

Beauty in South Korea South Korea is one of the world-leading pioneers in the beauty-related industry, which encapsulates skincare, fashion, cosmetic procedures, hair treatments, and many more innovations. I knew... keep reading

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