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Sapphire B.



Developing Cultural Competence Across Healthcare Systems

By Sapphire B.

In my home, we spoke Patwa, but everywhere else we spoke with a slightly Southern accent. Switching between these dialects of English depending on who we were interacting with was... keep reading

How do Patterns of Thought and Access to Equitable Health Intersect?

By Sapphire B.

As a prior resident of a small town in North Carolina, I was fortunate to be greeted and treated with “Southern hospitality” in sectors of public and health services for... keep reading

A Guide to Eating Burgers in the U.S. Vs. Eating Burgers in Berlin

By Sapphire B.

Dear Sapphire, As a mini herd of six hunger yet adventurous students, we shuffled along the sidewalks of Kreuzberg in search for decently priced food. Glancing at what seemed as... keep reading