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Riya J.

Advanced Arabic Language Amman, Jordan
Hometown: Nashville, TN

Hi! My name is Riya Jain. I am from Nashville, TN and am an Economics and Political Science double major at Johns Hopkins University.


Creative Spaces

By Riya J.

The bass vibrating in my chest, the beat controlling my arms and legs like a marionette doll, the melody and harmony changing roughly every three and a half minutes -... keep reading

Observations on University in Jordan

By Riya J.

CIEE Amman offers us the opportunity to take a class at Princess Sumaya University of Technology. Wanting to meet Jordanians my age, I took the opportunity and signed up for... keep reading

The Kufiya: Wrapping up the Semester

By Riya J.

The kufiya is a traditionally red & white or black & white scarf worn by men across the Arab world. The ghutrah, shemagh, ḥaṭṭah, or mashadah - as it’s called... keep reading

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