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Meghan M.

60-Hour TEFL Certification
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

Participant of CIEE Teach in Spain program in Andalucia, Spain. Working in a primary school to help students with their English speaking and reading comprehension skills. Applying sunscreen liberally, and improving my Spanish each day from the Costa del Sol. 


Using TEFL to Give Feedback and Build Relationships

By Meghan M.

While one of the major reasons I got TEFL certified was to help with lesson planning; another was to learn about the history of education. We’ve been instructing for centuries... keep reading

Using TEFL to Lesson Plan

By Meghan M.

Lesson planning as a teacher is a gamble. You research, practice your presentation to a mirror or a wall, prepare your prompting questions for brainstorms, print out hundreds of handouts... keep reading

Is Teaching English for You?

By Meghan M.

So, you’re thinking about teaching English as a foreign language? I made a quiz to see if you should! 1. Are you a teacher in the United States but are... keep reading

TEFL Outside of Classroom

By Meghan M.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language isn’t just about teaching; it’s about immersion. The more you immerse yourself in local culture, the more connections you make, the better you can... keep reading

American Influence in Spain

By Meghan M.

American culture is rampant here, from the food to clothing to music. I'm flattered and it lessens the homesickness, but the culture portrayed is an idealized and stereotyped culture. The... keep reading

A Month of Stories

By Meghan M.

I'm a full month into teaching primary school English language classes in the south of Spain. Who saw that coming? Pros: I'm finally comfortable being alone with classes and tackling... keep reading

Addressing Long-Term Culture Shock

By Meghan M.

This isn’t a vacation. This is life. If MTV called a week ago, my episode would have been called “True Life: I Accidentally Moved to the South of Spain and... keep reading

Week Two as an Auxiliar

By Meghan M.

Two weeks in, and the name of the game is Wing It. The game is terrifyingly fun. You never know what might happen when you get to a class, and... keep reading

Life on the Costa del Sol

By Meghan M.

I. live. on. the. Costa. del. Sol. Unreal. True to its name -the Sun Coast- the sun has shone every single day so far. I repeat, for nineteen days in... keep reading

Week One as an Auxiliar

By Meghan M.

Week one was intense. I went into school on Tuesday, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that my Bilingual Coordinator -the teacher who requests the auxiliar from la junta (government)-is... keep reading