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Kasey C.

Arts + Sciences Seoul, South Korea
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Hello! My name is Kasey Cooper, and I am a senior at Ursinus College.  I am double majoring in Mathematics and Biology with a minor in East Asian Studies. I am currently studying abroad at Yonsei University (연세대학교) in Seoul, South Korea.

During my time in college, I have been involved in many organizations on campus including Japan Club, Heart and Seoul (Korean Culture Club), Mathematical Association of America, Biology Club, and Toy-Like-Me (a service club) to name a few. I am also involved in mathematical and biological research on campus, which I hope to continue pursuing in graduate school. Ideally, I would like to become a professor who can share her love for learning with students and encourage them to pursue their own passions.

In my free time, I love to be outside and care for my pets including goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits, cats, birds, fish, a dog, and a turtle. I also enjoy listening to all kinds of music. My ideal Friday evening is wearing comfy pajamas and curling up in bed with a warm cup of tea and reading a fun book.

Thank you for your time and have a great day!


Why you should take the CIEE 'Intercultural Communication and Leadership' class

By Kasey C.

My favorite class this semester, by far, was the CIEE Intercultural Communication and Leadership Class (CIEE ICL). I felt that I must include at least one blog post dedicated entirely... keep reading

Volunteering through the Audiobook for the Blind Community Service Project in South Korea

By Kasey C.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to give back to a community that has been so kind and welcoming to me as a student studying and living abroad... keep reading

Touring the De-Militarized Zone with Yonsei Mentor and Buddies Program, Seoul, South Korea

By Kasey C.

My Yonsei mentor took our group on a tour of the De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) between north and south Korea. I was an extremely eye-opening experience. It was something that was... keep reading

Exploring Hanok Village with New Freinds in Seoul, South Korea

By Kasey C.

Everything was going wrong. I had a project due late the previous evening and had not slept well. Then I had to wake up at 7 am to go to... keep reading

Visiting Nami Island in Gangwon Province, South Korea

By Kasey C.

I went to Nami Island with a friend. Nami island is famous for being featured in many K-dramas and movies, including the 2002 drama 'Winter Sonata'. The whole trip was... keep reading

My Advice for Students at Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea

By Kasey C.

With midterms coming up next week, I wanted to take some time to share my advice for any prospective students looking to study abroad in South Korea. Below is a... keep reading

Visiting the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History in Seoul

By Kasey C.

Today we visited the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History. The museum has many floors with different exhibits, but I visited the History Gallery. The History Gallery had three parts... keep reading

Highspeed Train, Haeundae Beach, and Haedong Yonggungsa Temple in Busan, South Korea

By Kasey C.

One of the most anticipated events that CIEE did this semester was a weekend trip to Busan. Busan is located on the south-eastern tip of the peninsula and is the... keep reading

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