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Daravuth T.

Hometown: Providence, Rhode Island

Daravuth is a first generation fourth year student studying Marine Biology and Biological Sciences at the University of Rhode Island with a minor in Chemistry. One reason he chose the CIEE study abroad program was because of the opportunity offered to work with students with disabilities and having a chance to teach English to the local community. Although English is his first language, he doesn't think it’s the best but is still willing to help others learn. In return, Daravuth wishes to attend nursing school after graduation and use the skills and knowledge to care for his family.


My Experience of Teaching English to Senior Citizens for the First Time

By Daravuth T.

Having the experience of teaching English to Korean seniors for the first time was really exciting. I remember the first day we received an email regarding this opportunity and I... keep reading

Scuba Diving for the First time in 제주도

By Daravuth T.

The week after hiking Bukhansan with Teddy 선생님 and with the CIEE Program, I was invited by a group of friends that they were visiting Jeju Island the week after... keep reading

Personal Growth During a Busan Trip

By Daravuth T.

I want to write a small blog of my time in Busan as it is the first place that I have visited that is the closest to my hometown back... keep reading

Life of an Introvert at Yonsei

By Daravuth T.

Before reading this blog, you may find out that I am a very studious person and that is true! I would rather spend a Friday night and the following weekend... keep reading

Hiking Ansan (안산) 6am in the Morning Once a Week

By Daravuth T.

Here in this blog, I will be talking about my experience of hiking mount Ansan at least once a week at 6am or even sometimes at 5am! Here is a... keep reading

Visiting K-Drama: ‘Our Beloved Summer’ (그 해 우리는) Filming Locations

By Daravuth T.

It has been about a month since my arrival and it took some time to adjust to Korea’s transportation system. There were two apps that I primarily used: Kakao Maps... keep reading

I Had Trouble Finding a Place to Study, What Did I Do?

By Daravuth T.

It is the week of midterms at Yonsei University as I am currently writing this blog. My classes consist mostly of general education courses ranging from Korean Popular Culture and... keep reading

How My First Week in Korea Went

By Daravuth T.

My first few days in Korea was such an intense and stressful turn of events ranging from missing my flight, losing my luggage, and taking the wrong bus after landing... keep reading

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