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Celeste C.

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Small Must-Dos to Make the Ahjummas Happy <3

By Celeste C.

Amidst trying to figure out Seoul’s transportation systems, unspoken rules, and etiquette in public areas, time has flown by without me noticing. But even within such a short time, I... keep reading

My First Korean Festival : Thoughts, Takeaways, and More

By Celeste C.

During the first week of September, my friends and I had the opportunity to attend two music festivals here in Seoul: Resffect Festival (Day 1) and Rapbeat Festival (Day 2)... keep reading

Reflection : A Little Over a Month in Korea :)

By Celeste C.

Hello! If we haven’t met before (probably most of you guys :)), allow me to introduce myself. My name is Celeste, and I’m a fall semester study abroad student at... keep reading

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