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Summer in Cape Town Cape Town, South Africa
Hometown: Juneau, Alaska

Benjamin Miller traveled 10,105 miles to study in Cape Town, South Africa. He majors in anthropology and psychology and minors in linguistics at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Some things Benjamin enjoys are ice hockey, rugby (Go Boks!), coffee, meeting new people, and seeing new things. His favorite thing to do in Cape Town is to wake up early before class to go to the local coffee shop and listen to all of the different languages around him.


Why I Love Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town

By Benjamin M.

The Two Oceans Aquarium is on the waterfront in Cape Town, a ten-minute drive from the global institute in Rondebosch. Cape Town is very unique because it’s where the Indian... keep reading

It's OK if Study Abroad Isn't the Best Time of Your Life

By Benjamin M.

My experience abroad has definitely not been disappointing. But it has not been the constant, neverending fun that studying abroad is made out to be. As part of all three... keep reading

Left Hanging in Cape Town: Finding Fortitude 100m in the Air

By Benjamin M.

I’m a controlled adrenaline junkie. I like going fast as long as I’m close to the ground or strapped in about six different ways. Motorcycles, roller coasters, amusement rides, scuba... keep reading

Reaching the Ends of the Earth at the Cape of Good Hope

By Benjamin M.

I was born and grew up in Alaska. For many people, this is the ultimate destination, the farthest reach of civilization, the end of the world; I was bored with... keep reading

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