Judy Lee

Judy Lee

Chief of Staff, Outbound Exchanges and Manager of Brand Experience


  • Judy Lee joined CIEE in 2014 and currently serves as the Chief of Staff, Outbound Exchanges, and Manager of Brand Experience. In this role, she ensures that the division remains focused on CIEE's top priorities and initiatives. Judy works closely with College Enrollment and Global Operations, driving key initiatives across departments and playing a critical role in organizational priorities including telling the story of CIEE's greatest assets including staff, faculty and students. Additionally, she manages the International Program Advisory Council, a key committee that advises CIEE on its path and direction in the field of study abroad.

    Before assuming her current role, Judy held various program management and operations positions at CIEE. She began her journey at CIEE Berlin, where she managed Faculty and Custom Led programs, and she played a key role in building the innovative CIEE Open Campus program.

    Judy has a degree in Business Administration and a passion for art and design. She blends her background with her creative interests, applying innovative thinking and creative problem-solving to her everyday work with teams. Judy resides in Berlin, Germany, with her husband, son, and dog.