Franck Le Gac

Academic Director


  • Franck oversees the coordination, quality, and planning of all courses and educational programing in Paris. He is responsible for faculty staffing, finalization of syllabi, the course evaluation process, and program development. Franck is a French scholar and translator in the field of Film Studies. His areas of expertise include the history of French cinema, particularly the period of the New Wave (1958-1962), as well as quotation in the fiction film. He also teaches courses in film analysis at Université Paris 3 -Sorbonne nouvelle (Département Cinéma-Audiovisuel) and surveys in French film history for U.S. study-abroad programs in Paris. Mr. Le Gac earned his Ph.D. in Film Studies and French Studies from the University of Iowa in 2010. He is a member of the MLA and the AFECCAV and has published articles in edited collections for Schüren, Peter Lang and Rodopi. His developing research interests include film and translation, film and digital technologies, and world cinema.