Asenith Dixon

Vice President, Government Affairs and Advocacy


  • As a young teen, Asenith spent many summers volunteering at a non-profit community health center in Atlanta, where she canvassed public housing neighborhoods to encourage residents to stay vigilant about their health. Not only did she learn the importance of advocacy, but more importantly the power of advocacy.

    Asenith has utilized that activism to improve educational opportunities across the South for 20 years. She has advanced campaigns to grow access to advanced coursework in every school, to decrease fees and costs associated with applying to and attending college, and to celebrate students and teachers with governors, legislators, and state board of education members.

    Now, Asenith is leading advocacy efforts to expand U.S. public diplomacy through participation in study abroad and student exchange programs. Her goal is to promote these programs to all students from all backgrounds and areas of the U.S.

    In the meantime, Asenith continues to read voraciously, travel with curiosity, and cheer for her alma mater, the University of Georgia.